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Tours of Liverpool and surrounding area in English or French by official Blue Badge Guide

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Titanic Walking Tours of Liverpool
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101 years after the maiden voyage of RMS Titanic, why not take a guided walk or coach tour around her spiritual and official hometown: Liverpool, if you are a group visiting the city?  Although built in Belfast and sailing from Southampton, she was very much a Liverpool ship in every other way.

If you’d witnessed the Titanic sinking, just before she went under to her watery grave, you would have seen the name “Titanic” on her stern and underneath the proud word “Liverpool.”  Her owners, the White Star Line had their headquarters in Liverpool and she was registered as a ship in the Port of Liverpool Building, today part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site along the waterfront. Moreover, in 1912 one in seven of the world’s ships were registered in Liverpool and, despite the line’s express services now leaving from Southampton,  it was considered very prestigious to be registered in Liverpool. 

For convenience, many of the basic staff may have been recruited from Southampton but the planning for her maiden voyage and the appointment of her main officers was directed by White Star’s Marine Superintendent in Liverpool. The Captain, Edward Smith and his Chief Officer, First Officer and Second Officer lived or had lived in Liverpool as did the Chief Engineer and most of his senior engineers as well as the Chief Electrician, Chief Steward and Purser. The famous orchestra who went down with the ship were recruited by Liverpool music agents. Even the china used on board and the huge ovens were manufactured in the city. 

On our Liverpool city centre walk we will see sites associated with the above such as the Headquarters of the White Star Line, the Memorial to the Titanic Engine room workers who sacrificed their lives to keep the ship's light burning and many more sites associated with the Titanic. We can finish the tour with a drink in the former HQ of White Star, (subject to opening hours and capacity).


                                  White Star Line HQ           Balcony from which news of sinking was announced           Memorial to Engineroom Workers

Or why not take the extended 3 hour tour which additionally includes the memorial to the orchestra who went down with the ship and visit the Anglican Cathedral (both subject to opening hours) to see the memorial window to Captain Smith and the Ismay window amongst other reminders of the tragedy.

We also offer a 2 hour guided coach tour of the Liverpool sites or a 3 hour tour in which we visit suburbs Crosby and Waterloo to view the houses of White Star Managing Director J Bruce Ismay’s and Captain Smith’s as well as other crew members’ residences. 


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