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Historic Pubs of Liverpool

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Liverpool, City of Radicals

In the early C20, Liverpool was at the forefront of many radical events such as the 1911 Transport Strike and the only major Police Strike ever to occur in Britain, both of which saw tanks in the streets of  Liverpool. As the century progressed, radicals like Bessie Braddock, Jack Jones and Margaret Simey dominated the headlines, both national and local, as did grass-roots movements led by local people themselves


The Welsh in Liverpool

The contribution of the Welsh community to Liverpool has been enormous. By 1813, 10% of the population of Liverpool were Welsh. Some two-thirds of buildings during Victorian times were built by Welsh builders and Welsh could be heard on the streets of Liverpool and read in Welsh newspapers in the city. Even the Eisteddfod was held in Liverpool and Birkenhead on several occasions. Learn about the amazing contribution of the Welsh to Liverpool's history.


Bullion, Battles and Black Widows

Discover the seven original streets of Liverpool, the oldest part of the city centre, now the commercial area.  Learn about the battles that shaped Liverpool, the time England’s gold reserves came to the city, the notorious Black Widows and the band that played on the Titanic.

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Henry Tate: Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Although most associated with the Tate Gallery in London, Henry Tate made his fortune here in Liverpool, first as a master grocer and then as a pioneering sugar manufacturer. He donated generously to educational, health and cultural causes in Liverpool even after he had left the city.


History of the Chinese in Liverpool

Liverpool is Europe's oldest Chinatown and is twinned with the city of Shanghai. Discover how the Chinese first came to Liverpool as sailors and the changing nature of the jobs they have used to support themselves. Learn about the disgraceful way Chinese sailors were treated after both World Wars and the scars left today.


William Lever: Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

William Lever transformed a marshy backwater into a living and breathing demonstration of his belief in enlightened self-interest when he built Port Sunlight. Learn about his life and how he made his fortune. The talk also examines his philanthropic acts as home as well as the darker history in the Congo.


Confederates, Canals and Cotton

All the “Cs, as we continue to explore some of Liverpool's oldest streets. During the tour we'll learn about the important role played by Liverpool during the American Civil War and the city's unofficial Confederate Embassy, about the cotton trade and its legacy and the importance of the canals.

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