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"Three Medieval Streets Walk" - Liverpool


A stroll along three of the seven original streets of Liverpool between the site of the city's first church and the original Superlambana!


College Commerce Neptune sculpture
Canal cottages Liverpool
Christopher Columbus, Hargreaves Building
Cotton Exchange Liverpool

Starting at St Nicholas' churchyard, we go back to the founding of Liverpool when it had but seven streets and we will learn about the 800-year history of the chapel. Then we will wallk along three of the original Seven Streets of Liverpool: Chapel St, Old Hall St and Tithebarn St. During the walk we will learn about the important role played by Liverpool during the American Civil War and the city's unofficial Confederate Embassy, about the cotton trade and its legacy, the importance of the canal and later the railway, and the story of the Hall which gave Old Hall St its name. To say nothing of the important warning that the original Superlambanana gives us!

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