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Anfield Cemetery Walk - Liverpool


A stroll around the Victorian Cemetery of Anfield whilst learning about some of its better known "residents". 


Michael Holliday grave at Anfield Cemetery
By what name is this 1950s singer, still remembered by his fans, better known?

From the mid C19 onwards, the city centre church graveyards were full and the council forbade any further burials there.  A new solution had to be found and this Grade II* cemetery opened in 1863, well away from the city centre. It was laid out by Edward Kemp who also laid out nearby Stanley Park, as well as Newsham Park and Grosvenor Park, Chester. It is the last resting place of over 500 victims of the Liverpool Blitz, who lie in a communal grave as well as various Liverpool philanthropists, the victim (and possible perpetrator) of the "Man From the Pru" murder and various sporting legends. Join me for a guided walk around Anfield Cemetery.

Anfield Cemetery Chapel
Blitz Memorial, Anfield Cemetery
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