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Graduated as "Guide of the Year" 2013

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Southport Walk

A stroll around Southport Town Centre, discovering its history and present.

Rptten Row 1600 pix.jpg
Wayfarers Arcade 1600 pix.jpg
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Whether you are a group visiting Southport, England's Classic Resort and looking for an introductory walk or a local group seeking to learn about the history of the town in more depth, this walk will meet your needs. Learn how everyone considered a local publican mad when he built the first hotel amongst the sand dunes in Georgian times, why a horse was given a Civic Reception and how Lord St inspired Paris' grand boulevards, amongst many other stories. Walk from a Promenade which is no longer in sight of the sea to the architectural splendour of Lord St with its Victorian arcades passing by Southport's civic buildings and striking cenotaph.

To see more of Southport and its surrounding villages, there is also a coach tour available or a private chauffeur-driven tour.

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