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"Philanthropists in Liverpool" Walk 

A guided walk led by a Blue Badge Guide, looking at some of the men and women who have used their wealth to help their fellow citizens throughout our history.

Portrait of Henry Tate
John and Cecil Moores statue
Fred Freeman

“The man who dies rich dies disgraced.” Andrew Carnegie


Although there was great wealth in Victorian Liverpool most of the population lived in positively Dickensian conditions. Typhoid and Cholera were rife in days before the NHS and housing was amongst the worst in Europe. Some wealthy families and campaigners did their best to alleviate this suffering with names such as Rathbone, Tate, Holt, and Butler at the forefront.

But philanthropy was not confined to C19. A C20 retailer started the idea of payroll-giving whilst another retailer gave large sums to education, the arts and children’s charities.  Learn about  these and many more on this walk.

Edward Rushton mural
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