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Titanic Coach Tour of Liverpool


See more Titanic sites on this guided  Titanic coach tour of Liverpool and her suburbs

Titanic: Thomas Ismay's house and Captain Edward Smith's house, Waterloo, Liverpool

Had you witnessed the sinking of the Titanic, just before she went to her watery grave, you would have seen the word "Titanic" on her stern and, just beneath, the proud name of "Liverpool". Her owners, the White Star Line, had their world-wide headquarters in Liverpool and she was registered as a ship in the Port of Liverpool building, at a time when one in seven of the world's ships were registered in Liverpool.  Although built in Belfast and sailing from Southampton, she was very much a Liverpool ship in every other way.

If you wish to venture further afield than my Titanic Walk allows and see where some of the officers of the Titanic lived, as well as the City Centre sites, then this coach tour, guided by a Liverpool Blue Badge Guide is the tour for you.

See the White Star Lines' former HQ from where the ship was equipped, the memorial to the engine room staff who sacrificed their own lives so that others might escape and reminders of the Titanic in the Anglican Cathedral before travelling out to the seaside suburb where Thomas Ismay watched his ships sail in and Captain Edward Smith lived. View their houses from the exterior and learn of the Liverpool connections of so many of the senior officers and crew.


Medley of Titanic Liverpool images
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